Milano travel info

 Although Milan is not considered the cultural capital of Italy, it is home to several world-class works and structures that must be seen while you are here. We have collected the most famous touristic and historical places of Milan in this article. This article is the subtitle of our Milan Travel Guide, which is our main Milan Travel Guide. You can find the most beautiful things to do in Milan, the prominent places for shopping, accommodation and the most important places in this article, which will be a detailed city guide. Before this article, it is very useful to take a look at that article. This is the square where the famous Duomo Cathedral is located. It is full of tourists every day of the year. The most popular place in the whole city. Take lots of photos, get enough of the magnificence of the cathedral, and enjoy the cafes around. Around the rectangular square, there are places to see such as the Duomo Cathedral, Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II, Museo del Novecento, Palazzo Rea